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Card programmed to improve performance of the motor, reducing consumption and pollutant emissions and to improve the health of the cabin.The card can be placed in just a few seconds.There is no need for connections or batteries as the card uses natural energy.
  • Description

    Automotive Card is a gem of futuristic technology which, based on the principles of quantum physics, is capable of changing the performance of cars that run on petrol and diesel.

    It increases the power of the motor and consumption drops by a minimum of 5% up to 20%.

    The savings can help balance the family budget.


    Benefits for the environment

    A car of average cylinder capacity which travels 30,000 km per year produces 5,000 kg of CO2 on average.

    With the Automotive Card the annual saving of carbon dioxide is about 250 – 1,000 kg per vehicle!



    The Automotive Card is the result of years of research in the field of quantum physics and geobiology.

    These sciences are based on the affirmation that matter consists of vibrating energy (Albert Einstein) and that molecules, consisting of atoms, exist in a state of magnetic equilibrium.

    The Automotive Card makes use of natural geomagnetic energy and by means of a complex process of internal programming, it is able to produce better combustion.

    This translates into better performance and lower emissions harmful to the atmosphere.

    The lifespan of motors is extended and less time is spent on maintenance.

    Improved performance, fuel savings and less pollutants are not the only characteristics of the Automotive Card.

    These incredible results are achieved by better combustion of the fuel obtained by energisation of the hydrocarbon molecules and in particular the hydrogen atoms they contain.

    The Automotive Car also produces ionisation of the molecules and the hydrocarbon chain is divided into small components. The resulting increase in specific contact surface with oxygen leads to complete combustion of diesel, petrol or gas. The energy that powers the device is natural energy, the earth’s magnetic field, present all over the planet.

    The movement of vehicles enables the Automotive Card to collect the earth’s energy which is emitted from the surface of the plant toward space.

    The creation of the device required several years for research, tests and trials.

    This resulted in a programming that provides the following:

    ○ Energisation of the fuel

    ○ Energisation of all the fluids present in the motor and accessories systems, such as the motor oil, water cooling system, hydraulic brake system, fluids of automatic gear changes.

    ○ Harmonisation of the electrostatic charges generated by air friction on the vehicle, with consequent protective effect for the occupants (increased sensation of wellbeing and less tension) and for all the electronic components.

    ○ Negative ionisation of the air, which regenerates rapidly eliminating heavy odours, offering a sensation of greater freshness, the same kind of effect produced near a waterfall.

    ○ Compatibility with all vehicle types.

    ○ Installation takes just one minute, without involving any electrical, hydraulic and mechanical systems.

    ○ Range of action: within the vehicle.

    The Automotive Card increases negative ionisation rapidly regenerating the air, making it pleasantly fresh and re-establishing the balance between positive and negative ions. The recycled air in the air conditioning system will no longer have that typical stale smell.

    In the cabins “protected” by the Automotive Card your drive is fresher and less tiring.



    8.6 x 5.4 cm. produced in accordance with standard ISO/IEC 7810


    How to use

    Attach the card to the windscreen using the special adhesive in a position so that it does not obstruct the wipers and is not behind the rearview mirror.


    30 satisfied or reimbursed.

    Product effective for 1 year.

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