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An informed card for use in extremely relaxing bathrooms. Get into the water and immerse the card. You will immediately notice a change in the density of the water which will feel softer on the skin. You can also wear the Relax Card to reach a relaxing status.
  • Description


  • Description

    The Relax card is specifically designed for relaxing bathrooms. You can also wear the Relax Card to reach a relaxing status.

    Working principle

    The Relax Card contains programming which, when the card is placed in a bath or Jacuzzi, structurally modifies the water making it feel “soft” to the touch.

    The water transmits this information to the skin, offering an incredible feeling of relaxation.


    8.6 x 5.4 cm. produced in accordance with ISO/IEC 7810

    How to use

    1. Fill the bath or Jacuzzi and immerse the Relax Card in the water. The effect is immediate. We recommend not exceeding 15 minutes in the bath to avoid a little dizziness when you get out due to excessive relaxation.
    2. By interacting directly with your biofield, informing him.
      Carry it in your pocket, in your wallet, purse or bag.


    30 satisfied or reimbursed.

    Product effective for 1 year.

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