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You are the work which, at the moment, represents the most extraordinary and revolutionary developments in the field of quantum physics applied to improving the quality of daily life.

Today it has been demonstrated that water can received information, keep it and then transfer it. It therefore has a memory. The research carried out by Jacques Benveniste and Massimo Citro, later continued and extended by Luc Montagner and Emilio Del Giudice, as well as the experiments of Masaru Emoto, the confirmation of Prof. Vittorio Elia and many other scientists on the memory of water have been extremely important.

We are aware that modern society compels us to live frantically, hurried and neglecting some basic aspects and values that for centuries and naturally have always been necessary to nurture our body and spirit.

The desire of NATURAL FREQUENCIES is to make a contribution to overcoming, at least in part, this individual and family discomfort by promoting completely natural technology, materials and products in harmony with the free energy available for everyone and everywhere. NF is concerned with elevating the quality of the man’s surrounding environments in daily life, in an all-round holistic vision which considers the place in which we live every day, the water, air and products that nature provides to feed us.

NF carries out research and development of technology that use the natural electromagnetic energy that has always been preset on the planet and in the universe, energy used for thousands of years, when men lived in harmony with nature and did not neglect capacity of biological systems to respond to the stimuli due to the intrinsic oscillation of the planetary ecosystem and other systems.

We are talking, at least as a first approximation, of the stationery modes of the electromagnetic field contained in the space between the earth’s crust and the ionosphere, of the earth’s magnetic field and the highly complex dynamic configurations that these vectors produce variably through space and time.

Since 2013 there have been cooperative activities with some Italian Universities and the CNR-ISPA. After two years of experiments and a first publication of the work done together with CNR-ISPA in 2014, on the conservation of fruit after harvesting using adhesive patches suitably “informed”, we are approaching the first publications and reports to be presented at national international conferences.

All this is always and exclusively with the use of natural energy.

The ambient electromagnetic energy (consisting of natural and anthropic components, often disturbing the physiological activities of living beings) is reorganised and reordered by the NF device, that is reorganising the electromagnetic phase, thus modifying the space-time distribution of the electromagnetic fields and potentials associated with it. The message and ambitious goal of NF are to make people aware that the energy available on our planet is sufficient for all human needs and it belongs to everyone and is for everyone.

The academic and industrial world is giving some attention to our work, whether it is a matter of curiosity or because of the results obtained.

Our purpose is not therefore economic supremacy over competitors in the chemicals and synthesis sectors, but an increased awareness in as many people as possible that the potential of nature and man’s capacity to use it ethically are infinitely larger than what we have been lead to believe and always held true on account of our cultural education, the mass media disinformation, often even from academic sources.

The results obtained so far are available to all and can be verified by everyone.

Using special techniques we are able to capture the emissions (frequencies) emitted by matter (condensed energy) and then work out the sequences of information which, stored in media materials such as synthetic cards, tags, rubber stickers or silicone bracelets, are then transferred to the energy field of the material that they come into contact with or is simply adjacent.

In this way we are able to inform water or other liquids and foods or, for example, organise the energy field (biofield) and optimise it. The results are the subject of study in Universities and facilities of the CNR Ispa.


Luigi Vantangoli

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