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Device to place under the pillow to improve your sleep.
  • Description

    Working principle

    The Dreams Card is programmed to re-harmonise the frequencies of our body which have been altered during the day by an infinity of electromagnetic fields. The cells in our body live thanks to information of an electromagnetic type generated and brought by the water molecules that make up the body itself. This principle, which is the basis of metabolism, is called “coherent water electrodynamics”. The continuous electromagnetic fields that we pass through during the day lead to a strenuous effort on the part of the body to readapt continually and resist this “dirty information”.

    The Dreams Card is designed to bring these frequencies to their base state, the natural state. Just a few hours are enough to obtain an excellent result. The natural consequence is a state of deep repose, where even those who have stopped dreaming can start again.


    8.6 x 5.4. Produced in accordance with standard ISO/IEC 7810

    How to use

    Place the card under the pillow below your head. The results are immediate right from the first night.


    It may happen, although very rarely, that during the first two or three nights sleeping conditions deteriorate due to greater absorption of electromagnetic radiation. In these cases it is important to continue to keep the card under the pillow because after the first few nights this effect will pass and your sleep will improve.


    30 satisfied or reimbursed.

    Product effective for 1 year.

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